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Gellini's Special Gift

Its here! What does a clown child want more than anything for her birthday? Clown shoes of course!

To celebrate the launch of our debut children’s book, Gellini’s Special Gift, we’re giving out an exclusive Gellini print at home poster or wallpaper. Just click the button below to join The Cortex Club and tell us where to send your special gift.

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Fillip’s Feast is Infinite Cortex Creations first iOS game. Staying alive in the swamp has gotten intense. Fillip must fight through a barrage of mosquitos, ladybugs and lightning bugs to eat his tasty flies. Coming soon: bug repellent, bug’ums and extended life to protect Fillip increasing your achievements!

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Now Available: a weekly chance encounter with a mythical creature from our magical menagerie of monsters. Decorate your space with monster prints, cuddle up with your favorite monster pillow or watch your favorite show snuggled under a monster throw.

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About Infinite Cortex Creations

Creationeering is what Infinite Cortex Creations, llc. is all about. We are developing games, books, applications and software as a service with an eye toward both process and product. We invite you along as you participate in our blogs where we bring art, science, literature and technology together. Learn about our products, Fillip’s Feast, our first game and Gellini’s Special Gift, our first book; both soon to be released.

Our vision: we believe the mind has infinite creative possibilities. Our mission: is to explore and develop a few of those infinite possibilities to deliver the best applications that provide service and support, wonderful stories that teach and entertain and challenging games that are just stupid fun to play!

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